Camping on Assateague Island

The best way to experience the true magic of the island is to spend the night on Assateague. While it can be difficult to book a reservation during the Summer months and the weather will always be a factor, if all of the stars align for your visit you won’t be disappointed. We’ll break down the various campgrounds throughout the park here, and give you some advice to ensure that you have the best possible experience.

Tips for Camping on the Beach at Assateague Island

Tips for Camping on the Beach at Assateague

Camping on the beach at Assateague is one of the most unique camping experiences you and your family can enjoy …
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Assateague Island Campground Breakdown

Exploring Assateague Island’s Campgrounds: Which One is Right for You?

What are the differences between the State Park and National Park campgrounds? Interested in camping on the Maryland side of …
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