Discover the Best Campgrounds Near Assateague Island

Are there other campground options near Assateague Island? YES! If you want to visit Assateague Island, but want to stay in a more luxurious and amenity-rich campground, read on for some of our favorite local campground picks!

Why not camp on Assateague Island?

Camping on Assateague Island is an amazing experience, but there can be some drawbacks. We’ve explored some tips for camping on the island, but let’s break down some of the cons you can experience while camping on Assateague and explore some alternative options around the area.

  • It’s next to impossible to book a campsite in the Summer. This is the number one reason that visitors look elsewhere to camp or stay in a hotel near Assateague Island. While there are some drawbacks to camping here, we still believe the pros of camping on the sand surrounded by the ocean and wild horses outweigh the cons. The problem is, so does everyone else. Campsites in June, July and August book up months in advance and even though spots to open up due to cancellations, they are booked almost immediately.
  • The winds and the weather. The winds on Assateague can be intense, and many tents have perished in the middle of the night due to unexpected gusts. Even if you are secure in a camper or RV, on a stormy weekend, it can be difficult just to sit outside in the high winds. Not to mention the heavy storms that can roll up unexpectedly from the ocean. Summer thunderstorms that bring high winds and washout rains to the island can also be a reason to camp inland.
  • You’re isolated. While this may be a pro to many on vacation, it’s not for everyone. The Maryland State Campground is just over the bridge to the island, however, the National Seashore is about a 4-5 mile drive back to the bridge, depending on where you are camping. The closest towns to the Verrazano Bridge are Berlin, which is about a 9-mile drive and West Ocean City, which is an 8-mile drive. There are some conveniences such as Assateague Outfitters and Assateague Market close by on route 611, however, the closest grocery store is about 8 miles away.
  • The bathrooms may not be optimal. This depends on where you are camping. The State Park bathrooms are comparable to any standard campground bathhouse with hot running water, showers, changing rooms and regular toilet facilities. The National Seashore, however, has only latrine-style toilets and cold-water outdoor showers. This can be a major deterrent if you’re camping with a family.
  • There’s mosquitoes and flies. A lot of them. If you are coming any time from late June through late September, come prepared for harsh weather conditions and bugs. Since Assateague is a barrier island and has marshlands to the west, there is an abundance of mosquitoes and biting green flies in the Summer, especially if there is a warm breeze blowing from the West. If you are camping on the island, the evenings can be brutal in the campsites, so you’ll need to come prepared with screened-in shelters and plenty of bug spray.

What other campgrounds are available near Assateague?

Sun Outdoors Frontier Town

This western-themed campground is located just 4 miles from Assateague on Route 611. While the prices are certainly steeper than the island’s $40 per night, it comes with a ton of amenities and activities your kids will love. If you don’t have a camper or RV and don’t like the idea of camping in a tent, this campground offers basic and deluxe cabins, camper rentals and even a unique western-themed “glamping” experience with their Conestoga wagon rentals!

Frontier Town Amenities
  • Waterpark – Included in your camping reservation fee is access to the large waterpark at the front of the campground. This includes several large waterslides, a splash pad, a wading pool and a lazy river. There’s also a restaurant and saloon conveniently located next to the water park.
  • Free Western shows daily – One of our favorite activities as locals is to go to Frontier Town during the Summer months to check out these shows. These are actually open to the public and free whether you are staying at Frontier Town or not!

**Schedule is subject to change**

  • The Western experience. Take a step back in time as you walk down the streets of an old western town that’s straight out of a Wild West movie. Enjoy the shops, western photos and of course the Golden Nugget Saloon.
  • Transportation to Ocean City – The bus stop is conveniently located in the center of the campground and runs frequently during the Summer months and in the Fall and Spring when there are large events happening in Ocean City. This is free to registered guests. There is also a boat taxi that will take you from the campground to several Ocean City bay-front restaurants where you can dine and watch the sunset while enjoying your favorite beverage then schedule a pickup time back to the campground.
  • A full marina, fishing pier, jet ski rentals and charter fishing trips.
  • A large arcade, ice cream shop and miniature golf course.

Camping at Frontiertown is a 5-star camping alternative if you are unable to book a site on Assateague, or if you simply want to upgrade your camping experience. As locals with young kids, this is hands down our favorite campground. However, the prices are much steeper than sites on the island so you will need to keep that in mind when booking your trip.

Sun Outdoors Ocean City Jackspot Tiki Bar
Sun Outdoors Ocean City

Sun Outdoors Ocean City in Maryland is an all-ages RV resort and campground formerly known as Castaways RV Resort and Campground. Located 6.5 miles from the Assateague Island Visitor’s Center, this bayfront campground is another great option for upscale camping near Assateague! Like Frontiertown, Sun Outdoors Ocean City also includes rental options with several options for premium cottages, depending on the capacity you need and your price point.


While not quite as robust as Frontiertown, this resort offers plenty of kid-friendly amenities such as a playground, a pool and splashpad, clubhouse with a small arcade and themed-weekends with organized activities during the “high season” weeks. Check out their website and social media pages for event updates.

The resort also offers a private bay-front beach with a tiki bar, an on-site restaurant, a fitness center, and two dog parks. Guests can use a free shuttle service to Ocean City. The resort is a three-time winner of the “Top Parks in North America” award and is known for its customer service and amenities​.

*Photo source: Facebook

Island Resort Campground

Island Resort Campground is located about 20 minutes from the Assateague Island Visitor’s Center. It is a family-owned facility that has been operating since 2005. This campground provides a peaceful outdoor experience, ideal for families who enjoy camping. It features large RV sites with full hookups, offering all the necessary facilities for a comfortable stay.

Among the amenities, guests can enjoy a large swimming pool, perfect for cooling off on hot days. For those interested in fishing, there’s a catch-and-release fishing program, or you can rent a canoe to explore the local bay.

Additionally, the resort offers deluxe cabins overlooking two lakes, which are stocked for the catch and release fishing program. Guests can also rent kayaks, relax on the beach along the lake’s edge, and enjoy the stunning sunsets from the spacious gazebo.

Overall, Island Resort Campground is known for its quiet, friendly atmosphere, and its location makes it a great spot for those who want to be close to Assateague yet enjoy a more serene environment.

*Photo source: Tripadvisor

I absolutely love camping on the island, but it’s not for everyone. Opting to camp at one of these campgrounds near Assateague will offer visitors more amenities and the opportunity to be closer to civilization. Do your research on location and decide what you want to do while you visit. If you plan on spending some time in neighboring Ocean City or Berlin, Frontiertown and Sun Outdoors Ocean City put you closer to that option.

Have you camped on the Eastern Shore of Maryland before? Where is your favorite campground?

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